"Blue Nude"

"Layered paper pastel is an original technique. I render a chalk pastel value study on 100% cotton rag paper. Architectural vellum, a translucent stiff paper is soaked in an acid free wheat starch overnight. The wet vellum is placed on top of the drawing and the starchy adhesive soaks into the paper causing the chalk image to run. As it dries, the papers bond together and shrink to create cracks and wrinkles in the image. After each layer dries, more chalk detail is drawn and the process is repeated. Often, it is the texture that determines how the image will develop. Most works contain 3 to 4 layers of drawings but some have as many as 7. The buildup of layers of drawing creates the illusion of depth. Each layer requires 2 days to dry before another layer of drawing can begin; the entire artistic process can take weeks."

Cheryl Jones Evans is an enthusiastic well-seasoned creative with established corporate collectors, an award winning art festival career, Décor magazine’s Award of Excellence recipient and significant gallery representation. She has BA in Arts Administration from UMASS, has been listed with Florida Department of Cultural Affairs, Creativity Coaching Association, Florida Arts in Education Association, National Independent Artists Association, and served on the Leesburg Art Center Board and the city of Casselberry Advisory Board as the Arts liaison.