a collaboration by TRINITY TIBE and CAMERON COX


The Incidence in Women is Higher After 30



motion tickles at the corner of my eye.
                          is a slice of the wet globe
a longitude
where               specks of dirt have souls
                          and leap like fleas
where               a gold balloon trails me down the hall--
I have never been this itchy
or more haunted.

When I turn to accept the kinetic invitation
it rolls into the bone orbit
of my eye socket
              into       Nevermind
              and I am left
with the ringing hush of stillness

by what I cannot catch.

A trick of the eye has the same effect
                          as a peek into a parallel universe,
                          displays the same symptoms as         schizophrenia.

Please let me be the mirror in the bowl of a spoon
where physics moonlights as magic
and bent light convinces the optic marble
                           it's abandoned gravity, floating upside
                           down with its own reflection

while I've been balanced in place all along. 



Cameron Cox is a metalsmith/fashion accessory designer from rural Alaska. She attended Murray State University of Kentucky where she received her BFA. She works to combine non-traditional objects with traditional metalsmithing techniques. She is currently residing in Texas as gallery director and working as a mixed media artist. You can view her work on Instagram @Camcocasati or at cameroncox.carbonmade.com

Trinity Tibe is a co-founder of Say Yes Electric Collective, an art community in Brooklyn that creates space for diverse artists and encourages collaboration. She is the winner of Crosswinds Poetry Journal's Annual Contest and has work in Bodega, IP, Public Pool, Potluck and more. She has an MFA in Poetry from The New School. Find her at trinitytibe.com or on twitter/insta @trinitytibe