Issue 6 // Hybrid & Collaboration


Bolt // Sarah Dayley


“what is it / that’s so unsettling in your relief at his departure,

what knocks / inside the silence bumping around in your head,

the quiet like a thin breath, the yellow crinkle of bathroom

light, caught / by his used condom in the trash can, why you

felt like throwing / up for a sec when you saw it, what is surging

through this quiet. . .”

Medicine Cabinet #2 by Mara Lefebvre

Medicine Cabinet #2 by Mara Lefebvre


Mother Once Told // Danielle Badra & E. Rhodes Thomson

“My mother. . .once told me that / we are like rhododendron / once

told me that / struggle was a noun we carry with us / which blooms

large, bright, and heavy in the woods / in pockets of shadow. . .”

Discord No. 35 // Revelation 22 // Revelation 075 // Beth Gilstrap & Jim Warner

“Sometimes we couldn’t help ourselves. We’d open the / door and

you’d fall out a corpse, laughing like thunder when we tried

slapping the dead off you. . .”

—Revelation 075

Innocence of Daydreaming by Michelle Nguyen

Innocence of Daydreaming by Michelle Nguyen


This week I’ve been haunting the mornings // I belong anywhere but here // [Begin and end where you must] // Ben Clark & Dana McKenna

“When I ask you / you let your hair down. / to describe a past love,

call them more soil than sky, / Dressed in things left behind,

foxglove in beard, / not a bird to be identified. When you’re

away. . .”

—[Begin and end where you must]

Love Poem | Love Poem // Danielle Badra & Holly Mason

“Beloved, your neck is soft and sweet / You, who displays gerbera /

daisies / in the morning. / beside my bedside, in an old saké /

glass. . .”

Icon by Matt Prater

Icon by Matt Prater