june // 2015

visual art by Beth Petri

June Spotlight Purple.jpg
June Spotlight Orange.jpg


SOUL SHRAPNEL // by Summer Jarrard


"I have unwillingly become his Virgil but I do not

shed skin like a ghost"





I don't know your grief, only the longing /

for what isn't here." - Silhouette


Beth Petri is an artist by nature; painting and drawing has been her passion since a very young age. Her childhood was filled with images of figures hidden within the corners of her paper, always fighting to be seen. Today, this Pennsylvania born, and Atlanta-based artist continues to pull figures from the depths of her woven canvas. Noted by professors as a sculptor who paints, Beth continues to pursue the three-dimensional figure on a two-dimensional surface. Beth’s work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and private and corporate collections around the world.