The boy gets his first coat

Justin Danzy


There will be a door to your right. Open it. Walk through. Survey the room. Look at all the bodies, how they’re hanging like coats. Look all of them in the eye. The afro-ed body with black power fist pick gouging its eyes. The dreadlocked beast body propped up like a mugshot. The bone-thin body with peach fuzz beard and boot prints on its chest. See how all of them succumb to the weight of their skin, a leash around their neck teaching them how to be good boys. All good boys die happy. All good boys are happy dying. Pick one you like. Try it on. Let that body loom over you like a trial date, like how a boy looms over a woman if he thinks he’s a man. Let it cover all of you until you turn eclipse. A phenomenon. Phenomenal.



Justin Danzy is a senior with a major in English at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI.