"I was late in discovering the baffling sadness of Asia's Aral Sea. It appeared to me as what I initially assumed was a fabricated photograph of a large tanker ship lying in the sand, propeller battered by wind. My reaction is a mix of nautical navigation attempts and popular desert songs of the industrial world. Yet critical information has been removed from sight or use, in recognition of what has happened to the Aral itself."

Kate R. Morris was born and spent most of her life in Western Montana. A playwright and poet, her plays “Venn Diagrams or the Bee Play,” “Qyou are Here,” and “Fake yr Death in 6 Lonesome Steps” have received popular productions at various venues in Missoula, MT. Morris holds an MA in Devised Theatre from the University of Montana and is earning her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.