"Guarding the Pick and Roll" by Roberto Jamora



"Recap" by Roberto Jamora



"Triangle Offense" by Roberto Jamora



"While I paint, I ask myself these questions: Can I paint a personal painting? Can a painting embody something human? I move the paint around intuitively. My paintings are abstract and make reference to basketball team colors, offensive/defensive strategies in basketball, skin tones, and sentimental gradients from my memory. Sometimes these elements overlap. In other paintings, a single element is isolated. The paint is brushed, dripped, squeegeed, scratched, scraped, and squeezed right out of the tube. Under-layers are strategically revealed. In my paintings there is frustration, longing, excitement, hope, humor, futility, and loss. The result is visual tension and unscripted drama that alludes to the human experience."

Roberto Jamora is a Brooklyn-based painter and printmaker. He holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a MFA from Purchase College, SUNY. He has participated in artist residencies at the Sambalikhaan Foundation and at the Ragdale Foundation. He was an Emerging Artist-Teacher Fellow at the Joan Mitchell Foundation. His work has been shown recently at Fouladi Projects, Academic Gallery, Open Space, FJORD, and OUTLET Fine Art. To see more of his work, please visit his website.

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