Depression's Shoes

Soo Young Yun


Depression is a clean freak. It cringes to see highlighters drawn over penciled letters, hurriedly pressing the pen to a fresh sheet of paper to rid the marks of lead. Nowadays Depression has taken up flipping a coin, reading from a psychology pamphlet that whatever unmade decision will reveal itself when the coin is in midair. The nickel flashes in the cold sunlight, dozens of times and more that Depression loses count— but no decisions come to mind. Luckily Depression does not have to decide when it comes to shoes, because it hoards all the shoes that arrive on its doorstep. Sometimes they come battered, drenched in water or in sticky crimson, or with the rubber soles scorched to the fringe. Some of them are unscathed, having been left on roofs like the pale shoes of young, soft feet. Some are destroyed beyond repair, and Depression feels its heart tear at the shoes it cannot save. It builds a burial for the unlucky ones, whispering to them to be free, to wander to brighter colors. Like waxen masks, the shoes melt, not burn.




Sue Young Yun is a student living in Seoul, South Korea and has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Origami Poems Project, Ann Arbor District Library, and Writing for Peace. Her work has appeared in Aerie International, The Best of Kindness 2017, and the Austin International Poetry Festival Di-vêrsé-city Youth Anthology.

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