"Two Moons"

Despite living with the limitations of his cerebral palsy,
Steven Kennedy, 45, has found success with art. He has been a participant with Riverside Arts since 2006 and has mastered his creative style in those years. His art is influenced by his hopes, dreams, and memories, and has become a powerful tool for expression. Steven gets energized by listening to his favorite rock music while creating art. 

"Using Sennelier oil sticks, I create art through color blending, layering, and carving. I enjoy working on a variety of themes including experiments in color mixing, self-portraiture, landscapes, and self-expressive abstracts. I prefer to work on a larger scale but also create smaller works. 

I dream about my art, sometimes I dream when Iā€™m asleep and sometimes I daydream about it, too. Art makes me feel good. It is fun and exciting. It is my passion in life and helps me express my feelings. There is no judgment in art and I can be myself. I enjoy collaborating with other artists so that I can learn new techniques from them and they can learn from me. My dream as an artist is to have my own studio in Easthampton where I can make art all day. I would like to teach others how to make art as well. I also want to talk and share ideas with friends and fellow artists.ā€ 

"Sea Spray"


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