Hello, It's Me         

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux


                                           For Unborn Baby Ballard     


                                 There are just over a dozen

weeks left before we meet  
                                   Do you know me?   

                I wonder what your eyes will look like
                Will they look like the sun?  

                Will your nose spread like the island? 



Are you gonna expect me to sing?

Will I naturally speak in sing-song

tunes for your comfort?

                                            Will you wake at 2 and at 3

                                                                               and again at 4?



                                                            We have a small place for you

                                               I think it'll be adequately comfortable

                                  The walls are yellow and the woodwork dark

    There is a large horse on the wall

    I hope it brings you dreams of enchanted forests

    and sand stone castles, notes from carousel songs

    There are less than 100 days til your arrival

                                  I am always planning with food

                                                 Do you agree with cheese

                                                 or heirloom tomatoes

     sage and brussels sprouts?

     Will you be offended

     if I have a glass of wine?



   We do our best to save the planet

     Sometimes more so than ourselves

Will you take to this lesson

Will you share your pluots with the neighbor


                Will your hair curl just on one side

                       your toes pick up a pencil?



When you meet me will it be what you were expecting

                    will you know my scent, my crooked smile

     How long will it take your eyes 

     to fix on my flaws?        your ears

     to fix on the poem?


Will you be in awe of the dragonfly

heartbroken by the sound of war?



                                            When you learn our language

                                            may thank-you be ever present

                                            and translations of it abundant

May you know the poem

as a sound you can never turn off

May you know this is only the first

to welcome you into this broken world

May it be better for knowing your presence                 



Sunnylyn Thibodeaux is the author of As Water Sounds (Bootstrap 2014), Palm to Pine (2011), and Universal Fall Precautions (Spuyten Duyvil 2017.) She is also the author of a dozen small books including 88 Haiku for Lorca (Push Press), Against What Light (Ypolita), Room Service Calls (Lew Gallery Editions) and What's Going On (Bird & Beckett). She was born in New Orleans and currently lives in San Francisco and co-edits Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions.

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