"Swimmer" by Nigel Ford

"Is it Nice to Be Me" by Nigel Ford

Nigel Ford is British, was born in 1944, and started writing age 14.  He has alternated between living in UK and Sweden since 1969. Since he was 16 he has survived by means of various art forms, mostly writing, drawing and painting. He is proud to have helped start the Brighton Fringe arts festival in 1967.

Nigel's work has been published in several magazines: Acumen, Bogg, Eavesdropper, Encounter, First Time, Flesh Mouth, Foolscap, Global Tapestry, Inkshed, Iota, Issue One, Krax, New Spokes, Nexus (Wright State University), Nutshell, Purple Patch, Spokes, Staple (Derbyshire college of higher education), T.O.P.S, Tears in the Fence, The Firing Squad, The Hybrid, The North and The Crazy Oik.