"Punctured Mindscape Folds" by Richard Vyse

"Punctured Mindscape Disc" by Richard Vyse

Punctured Mindscapes explores imagined spaces and places creating with spontaneous brush strokes and punctured paper for three dimensional texture.

"Man Profiled Red" by Richard Vyse

"Man Profiled Edge" by Richard Vyse

"Man Profiled X" by Richard Vyse

"Man Profiled Imagined" by Richard Vyse

Celebrating modern man with an edge in line and spontaneous brush strokes to capture an imagined moment and mood.

Richard Vyse has been featured in galleries in New York and Hawaii. He has studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and taught at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. His art has been published in Agave magazine Spring 2015,Gravel magazine August 2015,Driftwood Press Literary magazine Fall 2015 and Art of Man issue #19. His art is in the Leslie+Lohman museum in New York City. Please visit - vyseartpuncturedmindscapes.blogspot.com