If it wasn’t for the misogyny,
they agree, passing a lovely salad
down the board of polished oak,
a lot of it would be pretty listenable.  

Their Spode or Wedgwood
chimes pleasingly

as someone observes
that the sampling,
the irregular modes of distribution

have destabilized our idea of music as
property or brand.  

with crumbs of brie en croute
in his beard,
considers it a retreat

from ideology
and collective action.
You know,
compared to the sixties.   

The hostess,
hugging herself to still

a shiver of satisfaction,
explains that many of the figures
of classical rhetoric can be discovered
in lines that might seem, at first,

Outside, in the exquisite garden,
the squirrels are beatboxing,
the hybrid tea rose
murmurs Kendrick Lamar.



"'White People Discuss Hip Hop' eavesdrops on a hypothetical conversation. 'Spode' in the second strophe is sampled from Gwendolyn Brooks's The Lovers of the Poor." 

Isaac Mason is the name assumed by someone working under false credentials at a Chicago law firm. He lives with many cartons of books in a neighborhood where you would not feel comfortable.