Mara Lefebvre

Medicine Cabinet #1



Medicine Cabinet #2



Medicine Cabinet #4



Medicine Cabinet #5



The sepia like tones of the pictures of blown glass appealed to me as I generally work with few colors. I was inspired to add cut paper additions to enhance the impression of a case or cabinet. I can imagine someone opening an antique medicine cabinet and discovering these unusual collections. I chose sea shells, old perfume bottles and organic images to compliment the shapes of the glass vessels.

I am a committed dumpster dog always scavenging for packaging, old calendars, lists and letters. On my frequent walks I pick up ticket stubs, labels and lost homework. I follow my intuition as to when to shop at the local Salvation Army, prowl around neighborhood yard sales, or visit used book stores looking for collage materials. The pieces I collect reflect where I have been, my diary of ephemera.

Mara Lefebvre surrenders to her obsessions. She is a sculptor, writer and retreat junkie. She has an appreciation of beauty, excellence, and good design in all things. Fascinated with how memory works, she reconstructs her past to reveal the lies, laments and lunatics. Her lifelong interest in yoga and frequent walking meditations support her creative curiosity. She exhibits and has her studio in upstate New York, in a ranch house with a red door on a dead end street.