Michelle Nguyen

Find the Warrior Within



Innocence of Daydreaming



Face Humanity


My artwork has been deeply inspired by the things that I had to go through. The paths that lead me to my artwork. My portraits are a self-reflection of what I am currently dealing with or what I have faced. We go through our lives hiding the inner parts of ourselves in fear of acceptance. I believe that artwork is a way to express the deepest layer of our human emotions. A chance to rid the fear of vulnerability and to rip away our everyday masks.

Michelle Nguyen is a self taught artist from California. Her work focuses mainly on portraits. She loves to capture human emotions and tries her best to convey those emotions in her drawings as much as possible. Michelle one day hopes to make a difference with her drawings by gathering different people from around the world as subjects and getting to learn their stories about the struggles and tribulations they had to go through.